Vampires Love Unicorns: Help Count Return His Pet Released!

Igor left the lab door open again and the Count’s favorite pet unicorn has escaped!

You gotta catch that unicorn! Don’t worry, the majestic animal will follow you anywhere when it sees you.
But be careful! More fearsome than Garlic or Wooden Stakes, The Count can’t touch unicorns because vampires will burst into flames (of course)!
Safely trap your pet into a cage, without getting hurt! Help the lonely Count reunite with his beloved creature.

  • Simple to pick up and play.
  • No lengthy instructions required: Find your Unicorn, lure it to the cage, and don’t touch the animal!
  • Easy Touchscreen controls. Tap the onscreen Left, Right and Jump buttons.
  • Free!

Fetch your pet. Beckon it to safety. And don’t burst into flames.

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