PlaySlide Games


We do mobile devices. Apples and Androids.


We LOVE games. All of us have been furiously playing games for years.


We make cool games because we want to. LOTS of cool games.


Just like air and beer. All of our games are Free. No money, no forced in-app purchases.


We have team members across the globe, including Japan, Europe, and the US.


Every member of our team is an industry vet and knows how to make games super quickly, because we can.


PlaySlide is a bunch of veteran game and app developers from around the world who got bored of extremely long development cycles and gigantic projects.

We want to work on as many cool game ideas as possible and release our ideas into the wild as often as we can, then tweak them based on immediate feedback from other enthusiastic players (that’s where you come in!).

Similar to lean manufacturing or lean startups, we’re into lean game developing.

The Goal? Endless Development of Endlessly Entertaining Games 🙂

Now go check out our latest releases because you like zany stuff!