Nightcrawler: Wally Worm, Twilight Window Washer Released!

Clean off those filthy windows! But this is no time for windex, it’s time for Wally, the Window Washing Nightcrawler!

It’s twilight, which means time to get to work for Wally. His mission? Wipe the skyscraper windows and collect his payments of candy, of course!
Make the nightscape pretty again by crawling Wally around to spic n’ span that glass and pick up all the treats!
Warning: Eating treats will make Wally happy, but will also make him grow longer.
Warning No. 2: Watch your head (and your tail)! Don’t fall off the Windowsill, and Don’t bite yourself!

  • Simple, Relaxing Gameplay.
  • No lengthy instructions required: Grab the treats, don’t run into the sides or yourself.
  • Easy Touchscreen controls. Tap the onscreen Clockwise and Counter-clockwise buttons.
  • Free!

Crawl the Night. Wash the Window. Get the Candy. Save the City…view!

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