Little Medusa: Petrified Princess Released!




Help Young Princess Medusa meet her Prince! Without turning him into a rock!

It’s time to meet Prince Atreus, but a Midas-like curse makes everything you touch turn into stone!
Navigate your way to the Prince, but first drink the healing Nike Water!
If Princess Medusa drinks the special water from the Goddess Nike, her stone powers will stop!

Warning: Don’t touch Prince Atreus before drinking the Water! Otherwise, he’ll be petrified too!
Warning No. 2: Watch your head (and your feet)! If you touch a block, it will become a heavy stone and can fall down!
Friendly Tip: Don’t forget to use all your stone powers before you drink the potion!

  • Simple to pick up and play.
  • No lenghty instructions required: Grab the potion, Meet the Prince.
  • Easy Touchscreen controls. Tap the onscreen Left, Right and Jump buttons.
  • Free!

Cure the Curse. Avoid the River Styx. Get the Prince. Get a Happy Ending!

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