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Whip and Run to escape the crumbling temple, the flooding waters, and monsters!
After grabbing the legendary Jewel of Pokywokyjig, all the booby-traps are triggered, so Run for your life!
Luckily, you can Run, Jump, and use your trusty Bullwhip to Swing into action!


Save the world from Aliens using your immortal Roach as a weapon against them!
After the Alien apocalypse, the only thing that still lives is a single cockroach. And the Aliens are NOT happy!
Intentionally get hit by the Alien weapons to fight back, before they destroy the whole planet with their mayhem! Simple to pick up and play.

Ski and jump down the slopes while avoiding obstacles, bunnies, and… Zombies?!
It’s a beautiful day to be a Snow Bunny and hit the slopes… but be careful! Rumor is, the mountains are being taken over by something strange.
Try to save the mountains and capture as many Zombies as possible by trapping them into holes, but don’t fall in with them!



And you thought Aliens didn’t know how to have fun!
Shoot Everything! is the most popular sport on the planet Zeeknorb!
Help Xenor blast his buddies with his Bounce-A-Ray gun! But be sure to hit all the targets within Par or it may self-destruct!



Just when you thought it was safe to go for a country drive with the kids, it starts raining… FISH?!
Protect your family (and your vacation!) by steering your car to safety and avoid as many deadly fish as possible!